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 Demons from the Past

A phone call alerts small town detective Tony Petrocelli to the double murder of the town’s police chief, Rusty Mulligan and his wife. When he arrives at the scene he finds the FBI, a US Marshal, and a hidden past. The first secret Tony uncovers—the sometimes mysterious chief used to be a corrupt police captain in Philadelphia. It seems, on the surface, someone from the mob wants to exact retribution for his testimony at a trial involving organized crime. But when criminals and corruption are involved, nothing is quite that simple.
As Tony peels away the layers of deception in Rusty’s life, he discovers that untold secrets, secrets worth killing for, are still buried back in Pennsylvania. With his life and family threatened by the mob, he’s determined to expose all the demons from Rusty’s past and eliminate the peril to his daughter, Brianna and his wife, Brooke. In Tony’s quest, he uncovers clues from friends . . . and enemies. Where they lead him is into danger where lies abound and no one can be trusted. The final truth surprises even Tony, as it unleashes demons from his own past, demons that might cost him his life.

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