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 Ea$y money

Someone tried to incinerate Nick Salis in his new Lamborghini Aventador. No one has more to gain from Nick’s demise than aging trophy wife number two, Dani Salis. If she rids herself of the philandering Nick, she can live a life of ease. Dani not only has the means and opportunity, she has motives—millions of them.

Small town Detective, Tony Petrocelli and his partner, Sargent Michelle Baxter find conjecture and innuendo instead of evidence against their prime suspect. Certainly nothing that will support a warrant for Dani’s arrest.

As the detective duo slog through more speculation and half-truths, they uncover a conspiracy rumor. Does it involve Nick’s mistress, Jenn, or the new person on the scene Missy Green? Or does it have to do with the drug business Nick says he isn’t involved in? Just when the case seems solved, and the conspirators are arrested, one more piece of evidence turns up.