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 Change of Heart

The rundown apartment in a tough part of Los Angles
wouldn’t have been Elwin Hunter’s first choice of a place to
live, but God sent him there anyway. He reasoned it was no
different from the command God gave Jonah. Go where the
Lord sends you. It didn’t matter that some of the occupants
were drug dealers, some given to fits of selfish rage, or sold
their body for food and drugs. Most of those Elwin met in that
small apartment building never faced the decision the Good
Samaritan made, never thought of others, only themselves.
Could Freddie have a change of heart and cross the road to
help someone, emulating the man from Samaria? Can Tiffany
leave a life of drugs and prostitution? Will Jahleel turn to
Jesus instead of hedonism? What will it take for Jorge to
let go of his anger? When Elwin enters their lives, like it or
not, they must choose. Of course, it won’t be an easy choice
for any of them. Lucifer does his best to keep them mired in


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