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Twelve days before Christmas small town detective Tony Petrocelli is called to process a murder suicide. When he and his partner, Michelle Baxter, enter the crime scene they discover some of the evidence points instead to a multiple murder. Who would want to kill one of these family members? Who would want to slay the others as collateral damage? Is it the business partner who needs money from a life insurance policy? A quick source of cash to save the dying business? Is it a mob hit straight from the annals of the Godfather? An act of retribution for a business deal gone bad? Or is it the fury of a spurned lover? A mystery person attempting to cover their tracks? In Tony’s quest for evidence, long held secrets from his past come to the fore. Secrets that threaten to derail his romantic interest in Brooke, who keeps watch over his teen daughter Brianna. The clues the detective duo uncover lead in all directions. In the end it seems the perpetrator of this crime might get away with murder.

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